The Ultimate 830 in 1 EDMD Remix Game Cartridge

The Ultimate 830 in 1 EDMD Remix Game Cartridge

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AED 90
  • 830 Hot games in one cartridge for Megadrive Genesis consoles

  • This is classial 16 bit game card, works perfectly, suitable for players collection

  • We use US/EU shell,  fit US/EU and japan console slot.

  • Top quality and saving function,ATGAMESconsoles The system is not working

  • Usually the product is the same as the photo. Sometimes, the sticker is updated, we don't notice again

  • This cartridge have battery for saving.

  • About the cartridge label,  sometimes we will update the label, but no notice again.  If you care this label, please buy carefully.

About consoles.   Our 830 in1 gamework on original cosnoles and good quality clone console.  Because there are too many clone consoles,  we also can't know what your console support or not.   Usually if your console can see the product menu, but can't goes into the game,  then means that your console can't play our cartridge.  Please take carefully.  Beucase this is big capacity

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