Return or exchange

How do I return or exchange an unsuitable item?

If you ordered a product in the online store, but have not yet received it, you can cancel it at any time. If the product has already been paid for in advance, the seller is obliged to return the funds you spent. An exception is made to order for you - you cannot refuse them.

If the product has already been received, you are satisfied with its quality, but it did not suit you or, for example, did not like it, you can return (do not exchange!) It:

 within seven days after receipt - if, at the time of transfer of the goods, you were provided in writing with information on the timing and procedure for returning the goods;

 within three months from the date of transfer of the goods - if such information was not provided in writing.

You can return any product purchased in the online store, but only if its presentation and consumer properties are preserved.

To return the goods, you need to provide the seller with a document confirming payment (check). If there is no such document, you can provide the seller with other proof of purchase (a screenshot from your personal account, an email, and so on).

At the time when you return the goods, an invoice or an act of return of the goods must be drawn up, which must be signed by you and the seller. The seller is obliged to return the amount paid by you no later than 10 days from the date of your request. In this case, the delivery of the goods from the buyer to the seller is paid by the buyer.

If you purchased a product of proper quality in an offline store, but it did not suit you in shape, size, cut, color, size or configuration, you can exchange it for a similar product of a shape, style, color, size or configuration that suits you within 14 days excluding the day of purchase. Please note that there are a number of products that cannot be exchanged when purchased in offline stores.

The exchange of goods is carried out if it was not in use, its presentation, consumer properties, seals and factory labels have been preserved.

If the seller does not have a similar product on the day of your contact, you can, by agreement with the seller, pick up a similar product when it goes on sale, or cancel the sale and purchase agreement and demand from the seller to return the funds paid for the product. In this case, the amount paid by you must be transferred to you within three days after the return of the goods.

To exchange or return goods, you need to present the seller with a sales receipt or a cash register receipt. If you do not have a sales or sales receipt, you can submit another document confirming payment for the goods or refer to the testimony.